In this collaborative program between LIMA and Kriterion, we will explore the notion of movement through a triptych of close viewing sessions. How do we move, what makes us move and what obstructs us? Each instalment is guided by video works and short films from LIMA’s extensive collection, followed by a discussion led by LIMA’s curator Sanneke Huisman. Due to COVID regulations, the first two installments will be continued in livestream format. It will be an interactive live broadcast and the viewers will be able to discuss their questions and comments via chat.


All livestream screenings have been recorded, and freely accessible through the links below.


LIVESTREAM – 1st installment: What’s the story?

Wednesday January 6th,

On public space as a narrative construct and public life as real-life cinema. 

With works by: Nicolas Provost, Polak van Bekkum, Broersen & Lukács and Emile Zile
Nicolas Provost and Polak van Bekkum will be present during the livestream.


LIVESTREAM – 2nd installment: When’s my body public?

Wednesday January 13th, 7.30pm

On bodily discomfort and the behaviour of private bodies and public bodies.

With works by: Sander Breure & Witte van Hulzen, Alicia Framis, Jeroen Offerman and Julika Rudelius
Sander Breure and Witte van Hulzen will be present during the livestream.


LIVESTREAM – 3rd installment: Who’s space? 

Wednesday January 20th,

On public space as a political construct and ways to disrupt these structures.

With works by: Mona Hatoum, Pilvi Takala, Wim Gijzen and Douwe Dijkstra

LIMA is an international platform for media art based in Amsterdam, that continuously draws attention to connections between art, technical platforms, context and audiences. All activities aim at fostering a critical understanding of media art and technology, context, visibility and access. For more information: LIMA