Vanaf 26 februari siert een nieuwe expositie de muren van onze foyer: artiestenduo Guitar y Banjo, geïntroduceerd door Agnes y Vevi, zullen hun werk tentoonstellen in Kriterion. Tijdens de opening zal het duo ons verblijden met een live painting session en geeft Alberto Alaejos een concert. Genoeg te zien dus! Lees verder voor meer informatie over het programma, de artiest en Agnes y Vevi.

As from the 26th of february a new exhibition will hang on our foyer’s walls: artist duo Guitar y Banjo, introduced by Agnes y Vevi, will show there work in Kriterion. During the opening event the duo will make us be witness to a live painting session and Alberto Alaejos will perform on guitar. Read further for more information on the program, the artist and Agnes y Vevi.

Program 26 february:

15:30 – 16:30— Welcome Drink & acoustic concert by Alberto Alaejos

16:30 – 17:00— Introducing Agnes y Vevi & artist duo Guitar y Banjo

17:00 – 18:00— Live painting session by Guitar y Banjo

18.00 – 19.00— Spanish Tapas & Meet & Greet the artists

About Agnes y Vevi:

Agnes y Vevi is a cultural organization which aims to spread the work and stories of European artist and designers. We believe in the importance of the emotional connection to everything that surrounds us. One of our goals is to enforce this by celebrating exhibitions and events where everyone can take the time to learn more about the background and the people that stand behind the creations. We trust that art should not only be reachable to a few, but rather to a versatile public. Our intention is to stimulate international artists and designers of every kind to continue working on their creations and give them the chance to bring their pieces closer to a wider audience. Agnes y Vevi strives to enforce a personal and casuistic relationship between the public and the author by providing full information disclosure about the origin of each creation.

About Guitar y Banjo:

Guitar y Banjo is a painting duo initiated by Johan Baggio and Guillaume Desmarets. Although both artist have extensive solo experience and have showed their work in Belgium, France, Switzerland and the United Kingdom, they started this collaboration during a painting trip in South America in 2016. Both are part of the infamous Farm Prod, a big collective based in Brussels. But next to hard work and hard partying, there is a great friendship. For Johan Baggio, his French and Cameroonian origins are a great source of influence and reflected in his work. The importance of social struggle or fascination for the ritual have strongly shaped his identity as an artist. Guillaume’s work is spontaneous , and instinctive . He uses patterns to develop a very graphic language, alongside his drawing skills influenced by masks, and comics. The two mix their different styles into a colorful result, Guitar being the clear cut one, taking his time, while Banjo basically drips paint everywhere. Walls, canvases, live paintings, they take it all, as long as you let them do it their way.