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This summer evening we discover the blues in Europe. While the music genre is mostly associated with the American South and African American culture, throughout the years, the blues has become one of the most widely used music genres over the world. From early on, records of blues legends such as Muddy Waters and B.B. King were transported on boats with board workers and immigrants travelling to Europe. These records helped kickstart the British invasion, where British pop and rock bands influenced by these records in their turn became popular in the USA. This evening we screen two European films that each acknowledge the universal appeal of the blues in their own way.

Schultze Gets the Blues (2003) | 19:30

Schultze Gets the Blues is the story of a folk musician from Germany who ends up falling in love with the blues. Having just lost his job, he decides to stop playing his local music in favour of learning the blues and travelling to America. The film is a quirky, fun-loving and melancholic adventure of an elderly man discovering a love for a music genre very foreign to himself. 

Mi nismo Andjeli (1992) | 21:45

Mi nismo Andjeli – We are no angels – is a movie from former Yugoslavia about an angel and a devil fighting over the soul of a renowned Belgrade playboy who, unknowingly, impregnates a girl after a one-night stand. While the movie is not “about the blues“, it does show how contemporary 90’s culture in Belgrade was influenced heavily from blues and rock n roll music.