Speculative futures from African and Chinese diaspora.

In two blocks, this programme will investigate two speculated futures—from African and Chinese diaspora. Two fictions, based on lived experience, subverting cultural clichés, retelling history and creating a bright future at the intersection of imagination, technology and liberation.

Space Is the Place (1974) | 19:30

The first block is a rewritten history of black America: Space is the Place (1974) is a cosmic journey in which Sun Ra (playing himself) plans to save African Americans by relocating them to another planet. 

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Geomancer (2019) + AIDOL (2019) | 21:30

The second block is set in China in 2065 and explores two visions of autonomous and creative artificial intelligence. In Geomancer (2019), Lawrence Lek imagines creative awakening of an artificial intelligence: an autonomous satellite with the dream of becoming the first AI artist. The second CGI short AIDOL (2019) tells the story of a fading superstar; a struggle between humanity and artificial intelligence. 

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