Classical Classics | Moderne Klassiekers


Nothing is more classic than classical music. This month our Modern Classics focus on the stories that involve the music genre in every facet. Through the composer, the musician, the soundtrack and the student, we learn to appreciate and love the musical pieces that are too often set away as old-fashioned. To inspire you even more, every Monday evening screening will be accompanied by live music, played by talented students from the Conservatory of Amsterdam.

Cineforum ‘European Cinema: The Failed Canon’

SEPTEMBER 22nd + 23rd + 24th | FULL PROGRAM

This September, Cineforum 'European Cinema: The Failed Canon' will take place in Kriterion. Do you think ‘European cinema’ as an entity exists? We invite you to contemplate or contribute your perspectives on the (im)possibility of a European film canon. Starting off with an opening night on Wednesday September 22nd, Cineforum will continue for two days on the 23rd and 24th of September, during which ten screenings will open the discussion to various themes concerning European politics.

Binti (2019) | Cineforum Kids


Voor het onderdeel Cineforum Kids wordt er tijdens de maand September de kinderfilm Binti gedraaid. Een film waarin zowel de onschuld en luchtigheid van kindertijd getoond wordt, als zwaardere thema’s zoals het als kind illegaal in een land moeten leven. 

Zapatista Tour for Life: Heart of Sky, Heart of Earth (2011) + intro and fundraiser

6 OCTOBER 19:30
Beautifully filmed over years, the intimate accounts of the protagonists interweave with images associated with the fragile beauty of nature and the creation myth of the Popol Vuh. Ruins of a former Mayan civilization stand in the background as harbingers of our own possible fate. The Maya, like many indigenous people, believe they are the guardians of the Earth. Their cosmovision, in which all life is sacred and interconnected, presents a deeply compelling alternative to the prevailing world order.

The Inheritance (2020) (35 mm)


After nearly a decade exploring different facets of the African diaspora — and his own place within it — Ephraim Asili makes his feature-length debut with The Inheritance, an ensemble work set almost entirely within a West Philadelphia house where a community of young, Black artists and activists form a collective.

Here We Are (2020) | Movies that Matter on Tour


Aharon takes care of his autistic son Uri. When Uri has to move to an institution, father and son run away. But where are they going? And what do they hope to find? Emotional, carefully told story about the dilemma’s of being a parent to a child with a disorder.

Antigone (2019) | Movies that Matter

NOVEMBER 10TH | 19:30

A modern adaptation of the Greek tragedy, in which a young woman with an indestructible love of family and justice takes on the authorities. Antigone and her siblings fled from Algeria to Canada when they were small. When one day Antigone’s older brother is unjustly killed by the police, and her other brother faces deportation, she concocts a dangerous plan to save the family.