Ffrom September 20th to mid-October. On show are several collages and a book publication. 

Mare Roorda

The position of Mare Roorda in relation to ‘the other’ has an essential function in her
work. She sees the art discipline as a vehicle to explore and express our approach to the
other, and how we position ourselves within these relationships.
The applied strategy or the social experiment is often at the center of the work.
In this sense, the work consists in the exchange that takes place.
The guiding theme for Mare Roorda is; what, where and why are we? She translates
this thematic search into her work.

Mare Roorda writes poetic stories specifically to the participants in her conceptual
work Verhaallijn. Each person is offered the same starting point and space, yet the story
will develop differently. The different life experiences and perceptions ensure that the
stories take on a different form and meaning for everyone.
As a result of the individual conversations with the participants, Mare Roorda
created collages which form a visual complement to the work. 

The work of Mare Roorda has a cinematic touch to it. She dives into the different
languages of storytelling. The written word is used to depict an scenically view. Also
in the use of imagery she conveys a dynamic interaction, the newly created
compositions are telling their own story.

The book publication – Verhaallijn – is for sale at the bar, €19,95.
The collages too are for sale.

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