On show until the end of March: a selection of works by Daan Russcher. He will show a combination of existing and new works in the cafe and hallway.

Daan Russcher (1995) is a visual artist working with photography. In his visual work, he searches for new ways to depict the urban environment. His attention is focused on the frayed edges of the city: indeterminate transitional areas that at first sight are difficult to ‘read’. Most people only visit them as passers-by and have no eye for the often banal surroundings. What fascinates Russcher is the raw and unpolished quality of such areas. In an intuitive way, he tries to expose the individual character of these places. By means of his camera, he scans the material surface, looking for something to hold on to.
He uses his photography and the materials he finds on the spot – through deconstruction and reconstruction – to create new images that incite an active way of looking.

Contact details:
[email protected]